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A word from our Interim Chairperson

As we step into the year 2021 and try to make sense of a difficult 2020, I trust that you are all safe and coping with the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic.

I firstly want to thank the Management Committee for the trust they have put in me to lead the Western Cape Transplant Sports Association and I am confident that we as a committee will be able to serve this wonderful organisation during our term.  We have a strong foundation to build on and trust that 2021 will only get better from here on.

I would like to express my thank towards our outgoing Chairperson, Hermann Steyn, for all his guidance and support.  Hermann, thanks for always being here for us.  You are an inspirational leader and a mentor to me.  Thank you!

With alert levels constantly changing and new spikes in COVID-19 cases emerging we urge our athletes, especially those on immunosuppressants, to remain cautious and take all the necessary precaution to protect yourself and those around you.

It is great to see that many of our athletes are keeping active and practicing sport again.  Although we cannot say with certainty when we will be hosting our Regional Games, we are monitoring the situation and are consulting with all relevant stakeholders to ensure that this event will be safe and that we do not put our athletes at risk.  We will keep you informed of all developments.

The Western Cape Transplant Sports Association is currently in a healthy state and although we are not actively participating or hosting sporting events at this stage, our Management Committee are meeting on a monthly basis to keep our Association running and plan for the future.

Please keep on promoting #TransplantSports and keep active and healthy.

Yours in #TransplantSports


Interim Chairperson:  Western Cape Transplant Sports Association