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A word from our Chairperson

I am sure that over the last four months, all of you, just as I have myself, have learned to value aspects of our everyday lives that we may have previously taken for granted. We have all realised that sport is not the most important thing and that the health of our members and supporters is the most important thing as the COVID-19 situation continues.

These difficult times have also allowed us to step back and reflect on how to create a better society going forward and we have shown greater solidarity.

Naturally, we are mostly still in shut down like everyone else and decisions by the Association will be driven by the latest COVID-19 regulations and directives. At the moment only the golfers and tennis players can practice and train. The rest of you can at least enjoy some exercise in the open and try to keep fit.
Along with everybody, we cannot predict the severity or duration of this COVID-19 situation. In terms of the rest of the year, we don’t know when we are to come out of this situation so no one knows if or when things will be back to a “new” normal. Let us reflect on our goals and dreams for the future and use this time to invest in ourselves. We will get through this thing together as a Transplant community.

Rest assured at the moment we are in reasonable health as a Region on the financial front thanks to the prudent management of the finances by our Committee. So far we have not received any news from the Western Cape Department of Sport in terms of receiving any funding and we are also waiting to hear from the National Lotteries Commission regarding an application we put in.

We are positive that we will be able to have fundraising events again in 2021.
Remember, we are all here to support each other so if anyone needs anything, please shout and we will see what we can do to help.
All the best to you all, please stay safe everyone and walk tall! (But only at a 1.5m distance from each other) Regards,

#staysafe #stayhome #flattenthecurve
Hermann Steyn