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United Coalition of Sport and Community Based Organisations Webinar

On 22 October 2020 Hermann Steyn (Chairperson), Vivian de Klerk (Vice-chairperson) and Rentia le Roux (Committee member) were invited to the United Coalition for Sport and Community Based Organisations (UCSCBO) weekly webinar.

The United Coalition of Sport and Community Based Organisations (UCSCBO) was established on 16 January 2019 to intervene on challenges facing the sports bodies and Community Based Organisations with regards to matters pertaining to the City of Cape Town.

David Maralack and Donovan Jurgens facilitated a one-hour informal discussion about Transplant Sport in the Western Cape.  It was a great platform to promote Transplant Sports in the Western Cape and emphasise the need for organ donation and transplantation in our country.

David Maralack noted that it is important to remind society and government that sport is probably one of the main bias for public health.  This can also be seen in transplant athletes.  To stay healthy, transplant recipients must stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The webinar gave Hermann, Vivian and Rentia the opportunity to speak about Transplant Sports, the World Transplant Games and what the future holds for transplant sports in the Western Cape.

It is through discussion like these where information is exchanged, and real change can be implemented through sport.

The webinar had just over 220 views so far and we as an Association would like to thank UCSCBO for this opportunity.